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Riverside and Avondale 

Two of Jacksonville's most historic and well-loved neighborhoods are the adjacent communities of Riverside and Avondale. The two closely link communities are sometimes considered to be one continuous area. The primarily residential neighborhoods are home to nationally recognized historic districts, as well as some commercial districts.

The communities have been an important part of Jacksonville for a century. The greatest growth within the area occurred during the early part of the 20th century. Today, Riverside and Avondale are noted for their diverse and historic architecture, as well as their emphasis on preservation. The neighborhoods today are considered by many to be one of Florida's most architecturally diverse neighborhoods.

About Riverside

Both Riverside and Avondale were developed in an area that was formerly used as a plantation. Historically, the area of Riverside and Avondale consisted of two plantations: Magnolia Plantation, and Dell's Bluff Plantation. After the Civil War, the area was platted and the original Riverside development was formed.

Early developments in the area experienced modest growth until 1887, when they were annexed by Jacksonville proper. In 1901 a great fire hit Downtown Jacksonville, and many displaced citizens moved to the Riverside area. Growth in Riverside grew steadily, and the development moved by spreading out beyond its original area.

Today, Riverside is known to be the most architecturally diverse neighborhoods in the state. From well-to-do Victorians to quaint early 20th century bungalows, architecture in Riverside reflects the state's early surge in growth during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

About Avondale

The neighborhood of Avondale was formed later than the bordering neighborhood of Riverside. Although the neighborhoods of Avondale were plotted in 1884, the neighborhood remained largely undeveloped until 1920. The growing demand for Jacksonville real estate in the early 1900s inspired an investment group to purchase and develop the land. The group, led by Telfair Stockton, turned the land into an exclusive upscale subdivision.

Quickly, Avondale became the most restricted and extensively planned communities that Jacksonville had ever seen. The exclusive upscale community was dominated by Mediterranean Revival style architecture and grew quickly in both popularity and size.

Life in Riverside and Avondale

Today, the communities of Riverside and Avondale have been altered by the modernity of the age. Although many of the homes and buildings retain their characteristic charm, many commercial entities have moved into the are. Despite the introduction of infrastructure, such as Interstate 95, the Fuller Warren Bridge, and St. Vincent's Medical Center, much of the historic area remains intact. Presently, the preservation of the neighborhoods' historic districts is a priority for the communities of Avondale and Riverside.

Five Points 

Five Points is a lively commercial area within the Riverside neighborhood. The commercial district is centered around the five-way intersection of Park, Lomax, and Margaret Streets. Originally a residential area, the district was converted to commercial use after the end of World War I. Some buildings in Five Points date back to the 1920s, including the building that houses the Sun-Ray Cinema. Currently, Five Points hold a reputation for its artistic and bohemian character. The area is home to many unique and independent shops, restaurants and other businesses.

King Street District 

The King Street District began with a small group of commercial buildings in the 1920s that became affectionately known as the Whiteway Corner. The name referred to the buildings' novel use of electric exterior lights. The commercial success of the small district eventually led to the expansion of its borders. Recently, the historic commercial district has undergone a Renaissance of sorts. Today, the King Street District has emerged as Jacksonville's craft beer hub and is home to many restaurants, bars and stores. Notable attractions in the Kings Street area, include two well-loved craft breweries and a dynamic arts district.

Shoppes of Avondale 

Dating back to the 1920s, the 'Shoppes of Avondale' compose an upscale shopping center that is comprised of 46 storefronts on the avenue of St. Johns. The small buildings were first designed in the early part of the 20th century so that they may blend into the surrounding residential area. Today, the 'Shoppes' are a hub for shopping and leisure activity in Avondale.

Real Estate In Avondale and Riverside

The Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods are highly desired by Jacksonville home buyers. The wonderful Jacksonville neighborhoods feature lush greenery, waterfront views, beautiful neighborhoods, and homes with historic charm. The area is as highly sought after for its historic homes and great amenities as it is for its convenience to Downtown Jacksonville.

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